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Trimming Potentiometers

Trimming potentiometer is Kingtronics'first products. Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometer since 1990, include following part number: RKT-3006, RKT-3266, RKT-3296, RKT-3323, RKT-3329, RKT-3362, RKT-3386, RKT-3318, RKT-3309, RKT-065, RKT-105H, RKT-C3305, RKT-3006, RKT-3590.

Kt Bridge Rectifiers

Kingtronics Bridge Rectifiers include: DB101-DB107ADB101S-DB107SAMB2S-MB10SAKBL4005-KBL410AKBU6005-KBU610AKBP2005-KBP210, GBU4005-GBU410, GBJ6005-GBJ610, KBPC25005-KBPC2510AKBPC25005W-KBPC2510WAKBPC35005-KBPC3510AKBPC35005W-KBPC3510W.

Diode Rectifiers

Kingtronics diode include: M7 (SMD4001-4007), S1A -S1M, RS1A - RS1M, GS1A - GS1M, LL4148, FR101-FR107, FR151-FR157, FR201-FR207, 1N4933-1N4937, 6A05-6A10, RL201-RL207, 1N5400-1N5408, 1A1-1A7, 6A05-6A10, UF4001-UF4007, UF5400-UF5408, SM4001- SM4007, 1N4001S-1N4007S, 1N4001-1N4007, 1N5391-1N5399, 1N5817-1N5819, 1N5820-1N5822, SS32 - SS320, SS12 - SS110, SM5817 -SM5819, 1N4148, 1N4148W, 1N4148WS, 1N4148WT, BZV55C & ZMM55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4727A -1N4761A, ZMM1-ZMM75, ZM4728 -ZM4761.

Surge Arresters

Kingtronics sell 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters. Surge arresters are designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging effects of spikes and transients caused by lightning, utility switching, isolation arcing, electrical motor cycling, or any other sudden change in electrical power flow on incoming AC power lines.


Kingtronics produce and sell radial multilayer ceramic capacitors & axial multilayer ceramic capacitors and dipped tantalum capacitors. Multilayer ceramic capacitors are available in two series in Kingtronics: AKT Series Axial Lead, Axial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors), MKT Series Radial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors), Kingtronics produce tantalum capacitors since 1997, focus on dipped tantalum capacitors (through hole capacitors). We sell good quality; and even can supply military level tantalum capacitors.










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