Line Card


Latching Relay ( 1 ~ 200 amps ), Solenoid, Actuator

磁保持繼電器 (200安培),電磁閥,流量控制閥,風門驅動器


Solid State Relay, Datacom IC, CPC1030NTR, CPC1030N



Surge Arrestor, Trimming Potentiometers, Kt Bridge Rectifiers , Diode Rectifiers , Capacitors

避雷器,放電管, 可變電阻器 , 橋式整流器 , 整流器二極管 ,電容器

LoRa network total solution for IoT, LoRa devices module for IoT, LoRa concentrator for IoT, LoRa gateway for IoT, Embedded Wireless Modems, Embedded Device Servers, LoRa Repeater.

物聯網(IoT)通訊解決方案for LoRa, 物聯網(IoT)通訊終端模組for LoRa, 物聯網(IoT)通訊集中器for LoRa, 物聯網(IoT)通訊閘道器for LoRa, LoRa Repeater



Trimmer Capacitor, Inductor, Varactor




Electromagnetic Relay, Automotive Relay, Latching Relay, Telecom Relays

一般用途繼電器,汽車用繼電器,磁保持繼電器,通信用繼電器,EV200,TE EV200


Transformer, Inductor, Current Transformer,CT



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